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Benchmarker was a set of libraries and harness I wrote in BASIC to test 
some of the operations in RISC OS to see how they performed. It was 
useful to identify some of the places where speed was an issue and to
track regressions, as well as to verify that changes were indeed 
speeding up, or acceptably slowing down where that was the case.

Two logs are provided here, for an arbitrary point in time. I have no 
idea what I was testing, nor what debugging was present in any parts
of the systems at that time - it is quite likely that there was debug
output (possibly to serial or memory) for some of the operations when
the tests were performed, and there may have been additional internal
consistency checks enabled as well.

   - A reference Adjust 1i2 to compare against.

   - A version of the OS from 2006 which was being tested.
     Features and build version, beyond what was in the file are 

The system being tested was a SA RPC using VIDC for output.