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kindlegen appears to generate different output for some PNG image forms. 
Particularly, black comes out as transparent.


bad-whoareyou.png - a PNG file, 256 colour palette.
good-whoareyou.gif - a GIF file containing the same image.
bad-talkerd.png - a PNG file, 256 colour palette.
good-talkerd.gif - a GIF file containing the same image.

Convert file with:
  kindlegen test.html > test-linux.txt

View output in Kindle for PC, or Kindle previewer, and observe that the 
two images that should look the same come out differently - the black 
region is transparent, and the transparent region is white. This is most
obvious if you change the background to black, rather than white - the
transparent region in the PNG is being displayed black, and the black
region is being displayed transparent.


Both images (GIF and PNG) should appear the same.