The Problem

KissD is a linux replacement for the 'PC-Link' software provided for network DVD players by Kiss Technology. It's really quite nice. However, in trying to use it with large collections of videos or music it becomes tedious. It is only possible to scroll through a page at a time. This means that scrolling 10 entries at a time through 1300-odd artist directories becomes frustrating. It's made worse that the page down button does not seem to auto-repeat.

My Solution

My solution is to add a separate sub-level to the navigation in the daemon. What happens is that when there are a lot of entries in a menu (more than 200 is 'a lot'), the daemon will instead present a single menu of the initial letters in the folder (eg '[R]'). Selecting one of these will produce a new list with just the entries which have that character as their prefix. For my large number of artists, this means that I get about 30 entries, one for each letter of the alphabet and a few numbers.


Whilst using the daemon it became obvious that the program would create a directory and files within the served files in order to provide the 'recently used' menus. This is handy, but I would prefer to not modify the served folders. A small modification forces the 'recently used' code to store its links in '/tmp/' instead of the top level of the served folders.


The sources for the modified version of kissd 0.13 can be found here. The changes over the regular 0.13 are described in the CHANGES file. The sources are, as with 0.13, covered by the GPL.

Where reasonable, changes have been bracketted by '#ifdef' statements, which should allow them to be disabled easily and to identify changes more readily.

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