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MythTV Utilities and bits

I use MythTV for my recordings. It's incredibly tedious to have to
reconfigure it repeatedly or remove channels that aren't useful to
me. So I wrote a tool that can synchronise the channels you are using
to the expected configuration.

The 'mythsync' tool can:

  * Use some standard ordering for channel numbers, so you're not having
    to fight the rather arbitrary numbers you get by default.
  * Ensure that the regional channels are set up correctly (or it could,
    when ITV named their channels properly - it doesn't work right now).
  * Map the channel names to xmltv and generate you a configuration file.
  * Hide channels by the genre they are in - so you can hide all the
    International, Religious, Shopping, Gambling and Adult channels more

It is in no way perfect, but it does well for me. I've been using it since
about 2009 and whilst it doesn't make things smooth with MythTV, it at
least takes some of the pain away.

    The actual script. Apologies. There's not much in the way of
    Categories used to provide bulk visible/invisble configurations.

Created 15/12/2013.