The SlimServer software is capable of supporting many different conversions though a number of plugins. This page comprises some of the details about the plugins I've written for it.

Installation on linux

The .pm files should be copied into the Plugins directory. If you read the comments at the top of the source, it will tell you what is necessary to install the Plugins and make them work. You should read those comments anyhow. They are there for a reason. I didn't write them for my health. I've tried to make it as painless as possible - the script itself adds to the custom configuration files in a manner that is (hopefully) non-destructive and can be upgraded in the future.

To summarise the installation process...

But remember, you should read the installation notes in the scripts themselves.

Installation on Windows

No idea. Anyone wanting to write the instructions for this should contact me, or post to the SlimServer 3rd Party Plugins forum. The general principles should be the same, but the details will differ.

Caveats and concerns

Now for some Caveats and concerns. I don't expect these to be perfect and neither should you. This list should hopefully tell you what not to expect. If any of these things can be addressed, or even just have suggestions, it would probably help.


Ok, now for the support thing. As you can understand, this is a spare-time, fun thing, but remember the following things and you might find life less painful.


I think it goes without saying, but many thanks to the people at Slim Devices for producing such a system that's so easy to enhance in this way.

Thanks to the many people that wrote the plugins for the player, whose ideas I've pinched, and whose code I browsed to see how to do stuff.

Thanks to Chris Johns for suggesting .mod playback.

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