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StrongHelp manuals

Here you will find some of Justin Fletcher's StrongHelp manuals. They are,
invariably, conversions from one form to another. That's because it's a lot
easier to create a manual from a good source than to write one. I'm not so
bad at doing the former, and very bad at the latter.

The manuals you will find here will (all being well) be auto-generated and
uploaded on Monday every week. This should ensure that the data is as up
to date as is possible.

The files are all created under Linux so the manual file will end up with
a comma-extension. Sorry about that. Remove it and set type the file as 3D6
and you can use it.

     - Generated from the Internet drafts at IETF.
       Does not contain text of the drafts, only references.
     - Generated from the Request For Comments Internic archive at Demon.
       Does not contain text of the RFCs, only references.
     - Generated from the assigned media-types list at IANA.
       Contains full text from the assignments.

As stated above, these are auto-generated. They're automatically indexed
and organised. If you think there's a problem with that, let me know and
I'll update the scripts to do it better if possible. The 'groups' that
documents are put into are specified by some simple matching rules. If you
want to suggest some new groups and rules, let me know and return you
the results.

A full version of the InetDrafts manual was produced, including the full
texts of every draft present on the 20th October 2004. However, this is 117M
and it is not particularly useful as reference material in this form. As
such, I do not intend to produce other full content versions.

Anyone interested in the scripts necessary to generate these manuals should
contact me.

Justin Fletcher, 04 Mar 2005