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These C-guide files are intended to save hassle with people reading a
related usenet article which was posted 03 Sep 2003.

The original text of the posting was intended to help Andrew Pullan in
inter-linking C and BASIC because he was unaware that his browser might
be able to gain from the use of C. He stated 'I've no idea how to do it, so
I'm not inclined to experiment' - the 'Super Quick Guide' (which actually
took a few hours to write) provided this 'how to'.

The files are :

  SuperQuickGuide.txt - the original posting
  SuperQuickGuide2.txt - replies to questions from Jeremy C B Nicholl,
                         clarifying the use of __RelocCode.
                         Note: This file has been edited from its original
                               form in order to remove a redundant,
                               restrictive, disclaimer.
  SuperQuickGuide3.txt - replies to questions from Philip Ludlam,
                         describing the use of __global_reg.
  SuperQuickGuide4.txt - replies to question from Jeremy C B Nicholl,
                         expanding on ARM's documentation code numbers.

Please feel free to use the examples and code as you see fit.