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FFMPEG files

This directory contains example files used by me to test problems that 
I've found in ffmpeg.

  - Contains an example file and output from the ffmpeg tools.
    This is a BBC 3 HD recording of Sherlock (actually the programme 
    before Sherlock) which fails to be converted into a Matroska (.mkv) 
    file. The reported failure is:
       [matroska @ 0x924bdc0] Can't write packet with unknown timestamp
    This causes the encoding to stop at that point. It may be that the
    failure point is the introduction of the BBC advert for the next
    programme (Sherlock). The operation being performed is a copy of the
    streams - essentially just changing the container from MPEG TS to
    Matroska. The same operation, when changing to an MPEG4 container 
    (.mp4) works, and a full 13 seconds of video is produced.
    The problem existed in ffmpeg 2.1.1, 2.1.3 and the latest 
    development snapshot as on 2014-02-03.

Justin Fletcher, 3rd February 2014