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HighPoint r64xl driver information

The HighPoint r64xl driver is a little special. It has an interface 
allowing user mode applications to communicate with the array 
controller. It allows you to write data to the /proc/scsi/rr640l/6 file
which contains pointers into you user application which you want to
be operated on.

However, if you write the wrong data, the driver will kernel panic - as
I found to my detriment. It is obviously very bad for a user mode 
application to cause the Kernel to panic and crash. As a result, I've
stopped experimenting with this code. It does not increase my confidence
in their driver.
   My test tool which I used to query the Highpoint driver.
   The code that caused the system to panic is commented out so even
   if you build it and run it, it should not crash.
   Obviously there is no warranty with this code.
   The mistake is that in hpt_get_logical_devices the input parameter
   (number of drives) should be passed in the input buffer, and not
   derived from the output buffer size. The NULL pointer that I passed
   in causes the kernel to crash.

17 Mar 2013