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====== / brokenimgs directory
   These show a problem with kindlegen V2.4 build 69900, when converting
   certain kinds of PNG. / brokendt directory
   These show a problem rendering on the Kindle Touch. Initially there
   appear multiple horizontal rules when you view the first page, which
   is strange as there should only be a single rule before each section.
   This is shown in brokendt-1.png.
   Secondly, going right two pages shows text has been cut off at the 
   top of the screen when a <dd> element is used.
   This is shown in brokendt-2.png.
   These elements only produce links on the Kindle Touch and Fire; the
   other systems don't even link anything. / brokenpre directory
   This shows a problem with the Kindle Touch failing to render the pre
   element as mono-spaced. The previewer always displays the pre element
   as monospaced and so is unreliable as a tester.

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