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I needed some pie charts for some of my rack monitoring and IPv6 tracking,
so I created a very simple script. It creates a bunch of static images that
can be used in my pages. As I'm likely to need similar again, and it's
handy to have a generalised generator. So, I've generalised the code to
create different versions of the graphs.
  Simple generator for pie charts, using the GD::Graph. The tool can be
  configured to create graphs in different ways. Configurables:

    * Directory and filename prefix.
    * Pie colouring based on %age thresholds.
    * Colours used at at threshold points.
    * Threshold %ages.
    * Size of pie chart.
    * %age labels.
    * Configurable border and empty pie colours.
    * 3D chart.
    * Resampling to smooth edges.
  As the pies are generated by GD::Graph, it will need installing.

Justin Fletcher