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I have a system which creates symlinks for all my films and a bunch of
filtered lists for specific types of information - stuff like the films
sorted by genre, or decade. One of those filters is 'ranking', which
uses information collected from a number of sites to provide their list
of 'the best films'. I used to have a bunch of ad-hoc scripts that provided
the information in some simple 'key: value' text files. Adding a new
site meant updating the linker, and writing a new fetcher script - or
more commonly, mangling an existing one into the right shape.

It wasn't especially nice, and I wanted to simplify the process. The result
is my 'TopFilms' library. Each site fetcher is its own file, and can use
the functions provided in the main TopFilms module to do its work - the
filtering is just a matter of supplying the right regular expressions to
split up the charts, and to extract the important data from it.
    First, pretty basic release. It does the job most of the time.
    Still need to address things like entity processing and the like.
    But for now, it'll do.

Justin Fletcher