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Back in '94, I discovered Bezier curves in Draw (well, I discovered them
much earlier and it was only by the time I had the mathematical
understanding to do anything useful). Pure Maths at the time was being
somewhat dull (I think we were doing integration or something and bezier
curves seemed much more... practical) so I spent a little time investigating
and wrote up my notes on this for myself.

The file Maths/zip contains an archive of the DrawFiles and the Impression
document that details the things that I found and how I understood them to
be. It might not be fully mathematically accurate but it covers my
understanding pretty much.

I've lost the old 6502 assembler that I wrote to render bezier curves using
recursive splitting, but the mathematical method is reasonably simple so I've
used that on a number of occassions.

When I've felt bored, I've written little programs that demonstrate the
higher-order bezier curves as well; these can be found in the
directory. These are BASIC programs, simply written and I haven't really
looked at them recently except to check that the curves look correct.

Justin Fletcher